Why Schools Should do Micro-Tyco

It has been my privilege to work alongside the fantastic team at WildHearts Group to implement Micro-Tyco at the International School of Geneva.

Introducing our students to Micro-Tyco has taken their learning to the next level. The values driven entrepreneurship training programme has prepared our students to actively participate in solving global problems on a local level.

When they leave school they may have to face issues like financial instability, religious intolerance, political partisanship, climate change and technological disruption. For such challenges, our young people are not properly prepared – syllabuses are evolving slowly but our children are begging and marching for relevance.

Whether following the IB, A-level or Scottish Higher programmes, Micro-Tyco provides a relevant, real-life dimension and develops reciprocal gains over the month of engagement.

Micro-Tyco Generate has taught my students to use ethical and sustainable business practices combined with inter-disciplinarily, creative and critical thinking.

The programme is designed to engage schools with employers locally and globally, presenting a compelling opportunity for real world learning and empowerment for a more progressive 21st century education. This year, WildHearts hosted the Global Entrepreneurial Leaders Summit at the United Nations, Geneva, where our pupils had the chance to interact with young entrepreneurs and business leaders from around the world.

Our older students are delivering information assemblies to younger year groups and acting as business mentors themselves, each directing a tutor group. This curriculum is providing the relevant skills for future employment and active citizenship and encouraging them to become responsible leaders. Our parents say they are now witnessing the talent of their highly motivated and budding entrepreneurs at home.

All the money generated by our pupils, from 1 Franc seed capital, is invested in financial empowerment programmes for female entrepreneurs in developing countries. We are proud to have contributed to the 1 Million Lives that have been transformed through the WildHearts Group. Such an innovative programme serves to inspire students to realise talent, unleash inner creativity, resilience and empathy as they address over 50% of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. This enables students to take up the challenge from Muhammad Yunus, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize to create a new kind of capitalism that serves humanity by designing ‘social businesses’ and being positive change agents locally and globally.

Micro-Tyco has been transformative for my students, what could it do for yours?

Ian Smith – Vice Principal, GEMS World School Kochi in Kerala, South India

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