Not business as usual.

WildHearts Group is a portfolio of companies that, through their activities and profits, create global social change. Our products and services are tailored to the demands of today’s business world, helping organisations from multiple sectors operate efficiently and responsibly.

Crucially, all of our customers have one thing in common – the profits from their spend help change lives locally and globally.

Our social initiatives are diverse; from addressing social mobility in the UK by equipping young people with key development and employability skills, to addressing gender inequality in the developing world through our StartHer Strategy. To find out about all our social programmes check out our impact page.

Business for Good

Financial measurements on their own are not viable indicators for success in today’s corporate world. Global poverty and inequality demands that corporate strategies are built with inclusive growth in mind. No longer can we overlook the power of business for good.

This is a conviction that we share with global business leaders, international brands and wider society. WildHearts enables businesses to address the world’s most pressing problems through purchasing our products and services. We empower our customers to empower people around the world.

If you believe business should be a force for good we would love for you to get involved. Rest assured, you will be in good company.

  • 84%
    of consumers
    believe that companies should do more for society
    Ipsos Mori
  • 75%
    of millennials
    say they would take a pay cut to work for a more responsible company
    Cone Millennial Cause Group
  • 86%
    of workers
    believe it is important that their employer is responsible to society
    Ipsos Mori
  • 20%
    can be achieved in a company’s revenue as a result of their Corporate Responsibility strategy
    Babson Social Innovation Lab & IO Sustainability
  • 82%
    of millennials
    who’s current organisation’s values align with that of their own stay with organisation for more than five years
    Deloitte Millennials Impact Report
  • 50%
    in staff turnover by implementing Corporate Responsibility effectively
    Babson Social Innovation Lab & IO Sustainability

WildHearts Office

WildHearts Office is the UK’s leading B2B social business. With a catalogue of more than 35,000 products, from office stationery to workwear, we deliver next day from our extensive UK and Ireland warehouse infrastructure.

We offer highly competitive prices and outstanding customer service. Our customers – such as Deloitte, Johnson & Johnson, Zurich, Amey and Serco – make a positive social impact, both at home and abroad through simply purchasing their business supplies from us.

Join the growing number of leading brands that are switching to WildHearts Office today.

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WildHearts Horizon

WildHearts Horizon is the only provider that manages your documents from creation to destruction in-house, delivering much needed cost efficiencies and innovation to the document management sector.

Our unique combination of social impact and offsite/onsite services enables us to provide organisations with a competitive document management solution that fulfils both regulatory and Responsible Business commitments.

Our customers save money, save space, save time and save lives.

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Micro-Tyco is an award-winning entrepreneurial training programme for schools, colleges, universities and organisations. Education institutions are provided with Micro-Tyco free of charge to help young people discover their entrepreneurial talents.

Micro-Tyco is also used by corporates as a recruitment and employee development solution designed to inspire entrepreneurial behaviours – a prerequisite for success in today’s business world. It can be implemented as part of an existing training strategy or used as a bespoke HR or CSR activity.

Our recruitment programmes utilise our school and university networks UK-wide, enabling companies to access a diverse pool of talent to fulfil their social mobility objectives.

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