Save space, save time, save money and save lives.


WildHearts Horizon is the only provider that manages your documents from creation to destruction in-house, delivering much needed cost efficiencies and innovation to the document management sector.

We offer multiple distinct service lines including offsite storage, index & data capturing, outsourced mailroom and secure destruction. Our document management solution enables our customers to remain competitive as they streamline their business and organisational processes to focus on core activities. From our warehouse infrastructure in Cheshire, Kent or Scotland, we can provide 24-hour physical access to your archive and almost instant access through our scan-on-demand service.

Not only do we deliver much needed cost efficiencies and innovation to the document management sector but WildHearts Horizon also funds the work of the WildHearts Foundation. Through our social programmes, our customers create positive social change – turning overheads into measurable social impact.

Join some of the UK’s largest businesses who are consolidating their supply chains with WildHearts Horizon and sustainably transforming lives across the world.

Onsite and Offsite Services

live filing

Live filing

  • Post
  • Documents
  • Files
  • Leverarch files
  • Filing cabinets
  • Filing system
  • Tracking system



  • Filing room
  • Filing system
  • Index and tracking system
  • Cabinets
  • Archive boxes
  • Scanning

offsite storage

Offsite archive

  • Archive boxes
  • Index/datacapture
  • Scanning
  • Rapid retrieval
  • Vault storage


End of document

  • Certified destruction
  • Recycling

GDPR Regulations

WildHearts Horizon is the complete GDPR-ready document management service. All our services are in strict accordance with EU wide regulations, including our CREST approved penetration testing.

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Addressing the UN's SDGs

Through its social programmes, the WildHearts Foundation addresses more than 50% of The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. As a result, our customers create global social change through their business spend.

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  • 90%
    of consumers
    believe that businesses should address the SDGs
  • 70%
    of businesses
    plan to embed the SDGs in the next five years
  • Over
    of the SDGs
    can be fulfilled when you work with WildHearts

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